High Power Expanded Beam Collimator, HP(M)EC

The high power collimator is fiber in and free out with beam expanded, which are characterized with low insertion loss, high beam quality, high power handling, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability. They are ideal products used for fiber laser and instruments applications.


* Low insertion loss

* PM and Non-PM types are available

* High beam quality

* Fiber can be customized


* Fiber laser

* Fiber sensor

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High power expanded beam   collimator, HP(M)EC

Non-PM isolator

PM isolator

Operating wavelength(   nm)


Insertion loss at 23( dB)


Output beam diameter   (mm)

4±1; others on demand

Extinction ratio ( dB)



Return loss (Input) (   dB)


Fiber type (can be   customized)

HI1060, x/125, x/250, etc.

(x=10um, 15um, 20um, 30um,etc.)

PM980, PM x/125, x/250, etc.


Armored cable diameter

Φ3, Φ7 or Φ10.5mm

Input max. power handling

Average (W)


Pulse peak(KW)


Operating temperature ()

-5 ~ +50

Storage temperature ()

-20 ~ +70

Dimensions (¢×L mm)

15×L96 (aluminium alloy)

*Both single cladding fiber (SCF) and double cladding fiber (DCF) are available. 

*Extinction ratio: ≥20dB (PM980), ≥20dB (PM10/125SCF), ≥18dB(PM10/125DCF; PM20/125SCF),

≥18dB (PM10/125DCF; PM20/125SCF); ≥16dB (PM20/125DCF);

*NO backward power

*Dimension can be made on customer request

*Insertion loss of light through fiber cladding is not included in the Insertion loss specification

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